Burp Cloths and Bibs

Burp Cloth Sets

These are my favorite items!  I used lots of these with my baby who loved to spit up and they are super absorbent and cute! They are also my go to item for baby gifts.   You can find some you like or make your own custom set in my Etsy shop.

Size}  They are  21" x 14"

Material}  A very absorbent diaper service quality cloth diaper dressed up with a strip of designer cotton fabric down the middle.  They have a decorative wavy stitch for extra cuteness!  These are machine washable and will get softer with each wash.

Sets}  A bib and burp set can be made.  This is one bib and one burp cloth.  Any other items you would like to have matching or coordinating can be added.  Just let me know!


$14.00 -- Set of 2

$19.00 -- Set of 3

$17.00 -- Bib and Burp Set


I love these and LOVE to give them as gifts!  This is seriously something that EVERY mom needs.  Not all babies spit up, but all babies will eventually eat baby food and table food!  These are long enough to cover them and even tuck into the tray on the highchair.  My youngest son wore these until he was 3 years old and most of them are the same ones he started wearing at 4 months!!

You can purchase these in my Etsy Shop.  Either a single bib or a set of 3.

Material} These are made with designer high quality cotton fabrics on the front and super soft chenille on the back.  They are all backed with very soft and absorbent chenille.  I do have terry cloth, but will make all bibs with chenille unless terry cloth is requested.  They are stitched inside and top stitched with a cute wavy design.  They are machine washable.

Closure}  The closure is made with a cute coordinating colored pearl snap, so that baby can not pull it off!  These will not wear out or get yucky like the Velcro kind.  

Sets}  A matching bib and burp cloth set can be made, as well as any other matching items.  Just let me know!

$12.00  -- 1 Bib

$30.00 --Set of any 3 Bibs

$17.00 -- Bib and Burp Set