Diapers and Wipers Holder

These bags are great for a few diapers and a travel size wipes container.  They are very roomy and you can even fit a small changing pad and diaper cream in there too!  My baby is in a size 2 diaper and I am able to fit 3 or 4, a small wipes pack and ducky roll of diaper trash bags.  These will easily change go with you in whatever bag or if you don't want to carry a bag they fit perfectly in the car or stroller. 

Closure}  The closure is made with a snap. That means no more velcro sticking to other things in your bag or running out of stick!
Size} They are 10" long when closed and 14" long when open, 7" wide.

Opening}  There is also a ribbon loop that will be added to the flap for easy opening.  The closure is made with a snap for easy open.   No Velcro snagging on the diapers or items in your bag!

Material}  Made out of one of my designer cotton.  In the Esty listing you choose the inside and outside fabrics.

Purchase}  Design your own in our Etsy Shop!  www.ohsewcutedesigns.etsy.com


Groovy Guitars (shown with wipes case and size 5 Huggies)

 with several size 2 diapers and a wipes case.