Monday, December 3, 2007

Appliqued Onesies, Tee Shirts and Knot Hats

These are perfect for that special outfit or a unique gift!  The appliques are made out of designer cotton, ironed on and then stitched for added durability.  I have many, many different styles and most can be made custom to your liking.  I can do letters, numbers, and also have many different designs for holidays and seasons.  You can find my entire selection in my Etsy shop,

Neck tie, also have a bow tie

Letters, offered in uppercase and lowercase and two different fonts

Birthday Numbers--can make any number and offer two different fonts to choose from

Thanksgiving Turkey--most popular!

Knot hats--these are one size fits all, they are adjustable by moving the knot.

 Cute Elephant--can be made with pretty much any fabric