Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chenille Bibs

These are very cute and unique bibs!  They are perfect for droolers, spitters and toddlers who like to pull their bibs off.  These bibs are made with pearl snaps, so they cannot easily be pulled off by your little one.  They will also not wear out like the Velcro ones.  The front is high quality designer cotton fabric and the backing is a thick and soft chenille.  It gives it a cute touch, but a practical one.  They are the perfect size for infants as young as 2 months all the way to 2 year olds!
The price is:
$10 per Bib with Chenille backing
$14 for a matching Bib and Burp cloth sets

They are about 8" in length, so great coverage for messy babies.

Coordinating Pearl Snap

Bib and Burp Set--$14.00

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