Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fabric Stock Update!

Here are some new fabrics and replacement fabrics. There are a few that I am all out of and the items in my Etsy shop are all I have left, the Mod Girls--Pink and Green Paisley, White with pink paisley in snuggle flannel, and the blue gingham. There are also a few I am running very low on and will only reorder if it is a request, so if you are interested in something then please e-mail me and find out if I currently have it or need to reorder. It is no problem to reorder, but it will take an extra week to get your items.

I am out of the Michael Miller brown with pink dots in cotton and the place I buy from is also out of stock. However, I am able to get it in a flannel and I have it in a laminate. I was able to find one very similar in a lighter pink dot.

Here is a new Michael Miller Dumb Dot with turquoise dots in a cotton and laminate

Michael Miller White Damask

Alexander Henry Surfing Safari

Alexander Henry Apples and Pears--This is my FAVORITE!

Heather Ross Pet Fish--This one has been discontinued, but I have a lot of it. It is really very soft cotton, probably the softest I have. It also goes with the set in the Spring '08 link with the orange, blue, white stripes and dots. These are all very soft. I have a set of the three in my Etsy shop and I am working on bibs and blankets.