Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Featured Item: Burp Cloths and Bibs

This week I chose burp cloths and bibs because, they have been the most useful to me and still are! Burp cloths were the first item that I started making. My twins spit up what appeared to be their entire feeding! The only thing that worked were cloth diapers. The only problem was that they were plain, white, and not cute. I decided to do something to them to make it not so bad that my babies spit up all the time. The cute fabric down the middle does add some much needed cuteness to spit up attire! These are made with the birdseye cloth diapers by Gerber.  I have tried both the 6 ply and birdseye and as a mom who does use them I really feel that the birdseye works best.  It also fits very nice and compact in the diaper bag. 

The burp cloths can be purchased in sets of two or three. They can also be purchased in a set with a matching or coordinating bib. The bibs were one of the next items I began make. After having friends request bibs with snaps, so that their babies would leave the bibs on, I thought that sounded like a great idea. It is hard to find bibs with snaps. All bibs are made with high quality chenille backing. It is soft, cute and very absorbent! My baby was a spitter also and these bibs helped add cuteness when his cute outfits had to be covered with bibs. They also can not be removed by baby! I have had several customers return for more bibs for their toddlers because, they were able to pull off all bibs but mine! These really are great for a long time, from about 3 months to toddlers.

To celebrate our three year anniversary all burp cloth sets of two are now $12.00 and sets of three are $16! Prices are already adjusted in my Artfire Studio and will be completely done in my Etsy shop soon. If you would like a custom order just contact me.

Bibs are 3 for $25! When all three are purchased you will get a refund or I can send you a revised invoice.

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