Thursday, September 20, 2007

Girl Pacifier Clips

These pacifier holders are made with double the ribbon, so they are extra durable. They attach to the pacifier with a snap. Therefore they will only work with pacifiers that have a loop, not the botton ones such as, MAM. They attach to the baby's clothes with a mitten clip.
Here are the ribbon choices for pacifier holders that I currently have. The selection may change if I run out and can't get more of that particular ribbon, so if there is one you like you better get it now! When ordering send me the name and number so that there is no confusion on your favorites. Thanks!

1st Row: Pink w/Brown Dots =P#1
Purple Polka Dots=P#2
Hot Pink, Green, Orange Stripes=P#3

2nd Row:Wide Pink, Orange, Green Stripes =P#4
Pink, Green, Blue Dots=P#5
Pink, Green, Blue Stripes=P#6

3rd Row:Purple Swirlys =P#7
Brown w/Green, Red Flowers Satin=P#8
Thin Pink and Orange Stripes=P#9

1st Row: Wide Purple, Green, Blue Stripes=P#10
Black Gingham Cherries=P#11

2nd Row:Pink w/Blue, Green, Pink, Green Flowers=P#12
Brown w/Pink, Green, Brown Stripes=P#13

Every clip is made to last, but do not leave baby unattended with this product. Do not allow your baby to use the pacifier clip as a toy. The use of a pacifier clip with a sleeping baby is not recommended. Inspect before each use and throw away if any part of the pacifier clip is worn or not securely attached. Buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities.

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