Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pacifier Clips

Pacifier clips are wonderful for attaching many things from pacifiers to toys to snack cups with handles. For those of you shopping that didn't use pacifiers with your babies or are new mommies, these attach to the pacifier's loop on one end by a snap.
These are made with a snap, that way they do not easily where out like the Velcro ones did with my boys, and a mitten/suspender clip on the end that attaches to the baby's clothes, car seat, stroller or whatever is handy!  The suspender clip has plastic inserts, so that it is gentle on whatever you attach it to.
All ribbons are heat sealed on the ends to prevent fraying.  They also double stitched for added durability.  However, I do recommend that you do not let baby sleep with these in the crib and please monitor them at all times and discontinue use if they do become very worn out.


They have a mitten clip on the other end that hooks on to the baby's clothes. These have plastic grips inside so that they are easy on the fabric you attach them too. The thing I love about the mitten clips are that they do not fall off. The pacifier holders my guys used would always end up slipping off of their clothes or they would pull them off when playing with them, so it didn't do too much good. These will not easily be pulled off and they are gentle on your baby's clothes.

They are made with durable, designer, and very cute ribbon. All my ribbons are reversible. That means whether in use or hanging down they are super cute on both sides!

Pacifier Clip for the Soothie Brand!!!

These are great if you don't know what brand pacifier someone is going to use because it can be used for any brand! Just slip the tiny ribbon through the hole in the Soothie, MAM attacher slot or the handle-Gerber type and then you pull the mitten clip through. Then it is tightly attached and isn't going anywhere! These are always my biggest seller at they craft shows I do. They are very versatile and I hear many hospitals are beginning to use the Soothie brand.

Any pacifier clip can be made to fit a Soothie.  Just ask!! 

The prices are:

$6.50 each

Just let me know if you need one made for a Soothie. I can either add an extra mitten clip or a ribbon to loop through the holes.

Please check out my Etsy shop for all my latest ribbon selections. I am getting in new ribbon all the time, so if you don't see what you are looking for then just ask!